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The Smallworld Solution

   Smallworld Electric Office software solution provides a cross-technology end-to-end view of the electric transmission and distribution network. This comprehensive and integrated view of the network combines the fully connected electrical system with robust industry common applications to support end-to-end critical business processes.

Enova leading edge capabilities and suite of software tools allow utilities to capture and visualize and fully leverage complex spatial data across the enterprise. This powerful solution enables customers to efficiently plan, build, operate and maintain the network. As a result, power system engineers can use network resources more cost effectively, ensuring services to customers is provided and maintained more quickly and efficiently.

Smallworld Electric Office suite is a strategic business resource, providing access to a single version of comprehensive, up-to-date network information. Designers, planners, field engineers, network operators and service staff can securely access electric asset data in whatever format is most appropriate, from geographic maps to spreadsheets or database reports via desktop, laptop, and field systems, over the Intranet and/or Internet network.