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Enova is a result-focused Engineering, Supplier, Solution Provider and System intergator to five area of business



Depending on the needs and requirements of our specific project, we are capable of managing resources projects.

System Integrator

No matter what equipment you select,we can intergate it achieving their fully system efficiency.

Solution Provider

Enova Provide a varity of solution suitable for customer’s specific requirement. Provide that a full scheme.

Area of business

Plant Automation

Automation and Control for Electrical ,water, marine, oil&Gas,building, Hotel,Hospital,Mining…


Substation protection and control system including substation automation and SCADA/EMS/DMS.

Protection system

A wide variety of commutating current limiters offering overcurrent protection

AMR/AMI Solution

AMR/AMI for smart grid network including control center and meter;three phese and single phese;