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Enova Group establish since 2001. We have 5 company in the group.

Enova Integration Co., Ltd.

Enova Automation Co., Ltd.

Enova Engineering & Consultancy Service Co., Ltd.

Enova Synergy Co., Ltd.

Enova Grid Enterprise Co., Ltd.

  • Engineering
  • Depending on the needs and requirements of our specific project, we are capable of managing resources projects.
  • System Integrator : No matter what equipment you select,we can intergate it achieving their fully system efficiency.
  • Solution Provider : Enova Provide a varity of solution suitable for customer’s specific requirement. Provide that a full scheme.

Our work Enova is a result-focused Engineering, Supplier, Solution Provider and System intergator to five area of business;

Plant Automation

Distribution Network


Protection system

AMR/AMI Solution